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Terms of Service

The following rules can be changed at anytime without notice, an announcement will be made if changed but you should always know them and follow them at all times. There is NO excuse for not knowing these rules at any given time, whether they were changed a day ago or a month ago. Players who do not follow these rules to any degree of accuracy will be punished in accordance to the severity of their crime. Their punishment will be fair, final and not up for debate at any time.

--> Spam posts:
The forum will be kept organised and to a professional degree. Spam posts will be deleted and persistent spamming will be punished. A spam post is defined as: Something useless towards the topic of discussion and/or a very short post which is not worth posting. The discretion of the "usefulness" and "worth of post" will be decided by the appropriate staff member.

--> Arguments/insults/"flaming":
We understand that arguments will break out, insults may ensue and curse words may be used. However, every person who joins our forum will be required to have common sense, the common sense to know when an argument is out of hand and goes too far. Our forum staff will be there most of the time to restore peace but you should take it upon yourself to be the bigger person and stop the argument. Swear words will not be tolerated to any degree whatsoever. If you are unsure on a word or whether it is a swear word, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff if it is ok. When it doubt, do not use the word in public. If you cannot hold yourself back from your swearing and do not have the sense to talk about other things, you are not welcome in Xelphoria.
The same rules apply to private messages; however there is a degree to which you are allowed to use swear words. Some people will have friends within the game and forum and real life, that they talk to over private messages and you may swear of find it comfortable to, this is permitted as long as they do not take offence to it. Any person can report anything they feel has breached a rule. If your friend reports you swearing, then he/she has taken offence and has the right to report you and have you punished, so be careful where you decide to do this.

--> Reporting:
Upon registration, each and every member of the forum has the power and right, to report any breach of the rules that they see fit. However, excessive reporting of things that are not against rules will see you yourself being punished for misuse of the reporting system. If you do not have the common sense to know right from wrong, you should not feel the need to report anything or play our game or join our community.

--> Advertising:
The advertising of other online games is strictly prohibited and will be punished to within the harshest extent possible, within the forum power. As of currently, you are not allowed to advertise any other online game at all, this will change and be specified to certain types of games in the near future. If you want to discuss a game or website, please simply message a member of staff and they will tell you if you are allowed to or not. You may discuss YouTube however you may not direct anyone to any specific channels or profiles on YouTube. You may direct people to specific videos that you wish to discuss, within reason.

--> Freedom of speech:
Whilst you have freedom of speech, this forum and game is privately owned and reserves the right to decide what may or may not be posted within the forum. This is not a breach of your freedom, it is simply to protect all members from all content that may harm them. People of all ages, races and cultures will be in our community so please be aware of their personal opinions and views.

--> Common sense:
There are of course many other laws that cannot be categorised or thought of, that may occur whilst you are on the forum. It is upon you and your own common sense to know what is right and wrong, when in doubt, just simply message a member of staff and they will answer any question you may have.

--> Respect for players and staff:
You are required to show respect for your fellow members and staff members of the forum. Many people are playing from all around the world, different time zones, different cultures, ages, races and views. Please be friendly and aware of all of this when conversing with your fellow community members. Staff members follow a set procedure when talking to others, sharing their opinion and punishing others. If you ever have a problem with a staff member, please do not start a thread on it, just ask a more senior member of staff, or James (the highest authority) for their assistance in your problem. They will happily help, night and day when they are online to see it. If a member of staff has not replied to your mail, please wait up to 2 days. If there is still no reply and you know they have been online, politely mail them again or feel free to mail another member of staff about your issue. Do not mail multiple members of staff on the same issue, this will be seen as a waste of time and may be punished, depending on the severity of the issue.

--> Pornographic Material:
There is to be, under no circumstance, any pornographic material on the forum. This includes discussion of such material in a thread, your profile and/or your picture must not be pornographic in any way. There are plenty of other websites you can easily access that material from, without this site being one of them. If you have any worries as to what this may constitute as, please message any member of staff and it will be sorted accordingly.

--> Rights of the Owner:
All character files, source Files and client files are property of Xelphoria and therefore the people who keep the server running, we therefore reserve the right to Delete/Amend/View all information through signing up to the server and/or forums.

--> General:
In accordance to all rules, staff members may vary on their ideas on how things are handled in a very small degree. This is human nature and not every person will say the exact same thing. As with any issue you have to do with staff, please mail James (Owner) or any Owner with your enquiry and it will be dealt with as quick as possible. It is never helpful to argue with a staff on their own duties, staff members are appointed their position based on many deciding factors that may or may not be clear to all. This is the responsibility of the owner of the forum to decide whether people are promoted or not. Please do not ask to be a member of staff; this will not be met with friendly reply. The one rule you may choose to follow, but do not have to, is to have fun and enjoy your time here. We recommend you follow it.
You may review these rules at any time by clicking this link